Where have all the flowers gone? Fources Marché aux Fleurs 2020

Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing, as Pete Seegar wrote.
This coming weekend we should be on the 1st and biggest Flower Market of the Spring market Season. However Covid19  is with us and normal life is cancelled, so sometimes it’s nice to have time off and be forced to stop and smell the flowers.


Those who know me well will know I get very stressed in the ruin up to Fources Flower market, it’s a big kick start for the season and is a wonderful weekend.

Just to blow our own trumpet we are the longest serving artisan’s at this market, and would have been present for 25 years this year with the market having been held for 45 years.

I spend weeks making sure the stock is perfect. We have a double stall for this 2 day expo with the statues and my children’s clothes.

People come from all over the region to this one, allegedly it was the 1st flower market that was held in our region, and it usually boasts over a 100 stalls for plants flowers and artisans. Mind you somehow it inevitably rains for some part ofthis last weekend of April.I brought new wellie boots in preparation for 2020.
It should also have been followed by a series of other smaller flower markets all of which are understandably cancelled.


Now I could mope forever over the loss of a fine weekend, but that would actually be daft.

Things are as they are.
Will I miss the stress of making sure we have everything and planning all the stall? Well no.

I will miss the camaraderie and looking at the lovely flowers, I won’t be able to do my own personal judging of the décor for the theme imposed by the association. This year was to be the music festivals of our department and I was all set to go with the country music festival in Mirande, I had a great idea with children’s gilets in fake cow hide and a flower arrangement including No 1 son’s guitar but maybe that will wait for next year.
This picture below was for the theme of Armagnac in 2018

Stalls are a funny business; I often have mock-ups of how the whole thing will work and make endless lists in order to be prepared for the big ones. This is in order to plan what to pack and what to leave out.

Fources is one of the nearest to home, only 7 km, so not such a problem. However I have a horror of forgetting something and having to double back for an extra table top or table cloth when it’s a 4 hour round trip, can you imagine?
Hence my habit of laying out the space on the garage floor and trying out all possible permutations to get the best  look. I can't help myself, it's a form of OCD I guess..

Stall planning

In the meantime we are still making statues, and Howard has been preparing cases for new moulds. I hope to have some new statues to show you in the next blog get together.

Mould making - New Mould.


So I shall stay calm and contemplate the flowers from past thematic entries for Fources Marché aux Fleurs and remind myself - sometimes it’s nice to have time off and to stop and smell the flowers.


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