I don't have a credit card can I still use your check out?

Yes absolutely. Our checkout system takes Credit and Debit cards . Don't be put off by the fact it asks for a credit card
We also accept Paypal, Apple Pay, Sofort and Giropay.


How long will my item take?

Our production time is set at 1 to 2 weeks although we are usually quicker than that to dispatch to you. If it is likely to be any longer we will let you know.
The exception to this is from Mid Feb to the end of March when we slow production for our annual leave , stock take and general clear up.


Why is the Price on your site increased at checkout?

Due to HMRC putting things into line for Brexit, all business that supply into the Uk from websites or online marketplace platforms will have Uk VAT added onto their sale price from Jan 1st and we have been obliged to register for Uk VAT from 01.01.2021.
Because we supply worldwide, some Clients will have 20%vat added at checkout as it's not possible to display separate prices on the same page.
This will be an increase in price for Uk clients, for which we apologise, but however it's not our decision.

Can I order for a specific delivery time?

Yes of course. However please take note that if your item needs to be received in time for a special occasion, please let us know beforehand. This gives us the opportunity to advise you if there should be sufficient time for you to receive your item.


Can I return a piece?

We do accept returns at your cost. If there is damage during transit  to you we will replace the item but you must return or prove the damage by the carrier within 7 days of receipt of the item.
 Photographs are always the best method for proof of damage.

If you change your mind or find it's not what you thought please contact us  first to discuss what we can do about that.