A Short History of Buddha

Classic Buddha

About 2500 years ago GAUTAMA SIDDHARTHA, a man who had renounced his princely title to lead a life of mediation was sitting under a tree when he realised what the cause of suffering in the world was. From that moment of enlightenment he was Buddha and his philosophic teachings have become a world philosophy and religion.

Buddha GAUTAMA declared that there had been other human Buddha before him, these Buddha have the same external features as Gautama; a top knot, a mark on the forehead and long earlobes.

The Fat Bellied Good Luck Buddha

The Fat Bellied laughing BUDDHA is not a manifestation of the classic Buddha. He is the Chinese MASTER OF ZEN named POE-TAI HOSHANG who lived between the 6th and 10th Centuries and discovered the Buddha within himself.

He wandered through China without any cares and was perfectly happy. After his death he was worshiped as a God of good fortune. He is thought to be one of the reincarnations of the original Buddha by some and a disciple of Buddha by others. Whichever is the case, he is still thought to be wandering the earth as an expression of the beauty that can be achieved whenever anyone finds his own true nature or “THE BUDDHA WITHIN HIMSELF”.