Making Marble statues during Covid Lockdown.

So President Macron has decreed that May the 11th will be the day that France starts to loosen its movement restrictions, good thing we didn’t try holding our breath while we waited.

So we continue making statues!!
Many, many statues, in fact so many medium statues that I have a shortage of paper to wrap them in. In fact this is all I have left.

Oh heck. Paper and bubble wrap usually mean a trip to Agen and to compensate a nice lunch out, Those were the days my friend, to quote dear Mary Hopkin.

Oh I do miss that Routiers (Lorry Driver’s) restaurant.
If you ever find yourself wandering the highways and byways of France, stop for lunch where you see the Lorry Drivers pulled up. I swear you will not be disappointed. Our favourite Agen one is just next to the Motorway junction and never disappoints.

However a trip out is not to be under lockdown, so I pop online and find if the packaging depot is delivering. It’s a miracle it is!
As I know what I want when I see it in the shop but don’t know the codes of my usual paper, the variations of tissue paper frankly all look the same when photographed laying flat on the website, it takes another 30 mins to flurry through the accounts for an old invoice and get the code of the ream of paper.  Finally the ream of paper plus a roll of bubble wrap are in my basket. Delivery will happen I am assured by email but no date is suggested.

Oh well I just hope the statues don’t catch cold while waiting to be wrapped up snug and tight.


In other news I have started tackling some of the bigger ladies, this is quite a pleasing job and makes a change from teeny tiny miniatures which was what I just popped in the polishing machine 20 minutes ago. Plus they make for a better photo opportunity.

I know that we are so lucky to be living in a village in the country so have plenty of fresh air and relative freedom, which helps us stay calm and we are still working, which also helps with general well-being.

Time is still running through my fingers, as it always did. In fact some days I am amazed we found time to go out and sell face to face at all, but we still miss you dear customers.

If you miss us too, remember we can deliver locally, and delivery is free in Europe still when you buy from the website.

The social contact of a market is not to be underestimated I know, but until we are allowed to mingle freely in that environment, we continue online.

Allowing people to earn income, caring for our family, donating some of our work time to helping others and organizations in our area, there are so many reasons that the pursuit of work is crucial right now. It keeps us sane and gives us hope that come May 11th we may begin to see a glimmer, not our old life but perhaps a new and  changed for the better life that is coming out of this weird and terrible situation.


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