About Marble Art

Combining our passion for quality marble with a flair for creation, we make beautiful, decorative figurines for your home and garden.

From the initial sculpture in clay, through our own mould-making process and onto the actual manufacture and finishing of each piece, we do everything ourselves. Whether it is Monsieur or Madame, each of us does what we enjoy best, making the very best piece we can with our own unique bonding method.

Polishing a statue

All our statues are made from powdered marble, this is a natural product and because of the grains and stones/quartz that it contains, it is subject to variations in colour and texture. Each piece has its own unique colour variation. We use white marble from Carrera in Italy and our green, black and grey marble comes exclusively from Saint Béat in the Pyrenees.

News Update. 16.06.2022 . We are proud and  happy to announce that our Inscription "Made in France is accepted  under ref IMF.2022.342.