I’m an Artisan get me out of here!

Well we haven’t quite resorted to eating bugs yet, but Howard has found some weird and wonderful creatures while chopping the wood which he teased us with, by threatening to eat them.

However the endless days of lock down stretch before us and production continues also.  A few more Buddhas have made it through the polishing process and the shelves are filling up nicely.

Today (Friday) I cracked up and tidied the shelves to make more space and to check what we actually have versus what we need. Not my usual flying by the seat of my pants production process but it was very soothing to restore order where before there was chaos. Things all in rows waiting for buyers to love them

I said I was going to start making the new petite duck but so far the design is still in my head and hasn’t yet appeared in reality. I have been properly occupied though and done the job I hate most in the world: I have tackled the overflowing box of paperwork and admin that I always leave to the last moment.

We have had a weekend pass by between me starting this page of the blog and coming back to you .So on this dull and slightly rainy Monday morning what have I been up to?
Well to make a change I have started felting polished statues so that I can move them on a stage further and free up some boxes. Felting is one of the jobs in the production line that I like. I always think it’s because I am usually alone in the workshop while I do it and it’s a quiet job, no machines are needed. Just me a pot of glue and some felted paper.


While I was down there this morning I tried out the timer on my phone camera to see if I could get myself into the picture and I think I didn’t do too badly. It’s quite an odd feeling trying to photograph myself while working, and I think I look rather stern when concentrating so I have cut my head out of the picture to spare you all from that.


Felting is a very satisfying job because I think it means things are nearly done and ready for sale, I also quite like pulling the glue off my fingers at the end! It’s sort of like when you get to pull off skin when your sunburn starts to peel!! Childish but make you feel good if you have a mind like mine.

I am going to leave those to dry and come back in a couple of hours to finish the edges, or it could possibly tomorrow if I get distracted by the admin work. Then they will be wrapped and stacked onto the shelves and we start again.

I have another 4 boxes waiting for me to felt and Howard has begun casting again after his marathon wood splitting efforts of last week. So I guess more of the same will be on the cards for next week’s lock down delights at Marble Art.

I’m not quite ready to yell “Get me out of here”  yet, but I suspect that point may not be all that far away.

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