12 Reasons to buy from an Artisan. Celebrating Handmade Gifts.

Since man picked up a stone and started fashioning flint arrows for his hunting, he has been making. Those first makers probably didn’t dream to call themselves artisans but they were.
Transforming a material into a finished item is artisanal and it takes care and love for an artisan to create that gift.

Handmade Gifts are a way to show your care for the recipients with a handmade item that is forever not for just now.

Hopefully the following list of 12 reasons will help you get answers to why we celebrate handmade gifts.

  • What does Handmade mean?
  • Why Handmade gifts are better?
  • Why a Handmade gift is considered “a gift from the heart”
  • Why Handmade is unique?
  • Why Handmade is expensive?


What does handmade mean?

Hand-making/hand-crafting provides detailed products, higher quality, and there's much more… Other surprising benefits or reasons to buy handicrafts range from sustainability to uniqueness.

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  1. Connection.  Purchasing an item from the person who made it can create a unique bond between the buyer and the seller that goes beyond a financial exchange. It can’t be simpler than this. You buy directly from the person who makes your handmade gift. If you need to ask any question about the product (how to look after it or store) you can talk directly with the person who made it. We  know our product inside out and are able to give you the best advice.


  1. Investment.  Your money is an investment in the artisan's professional life and a vehicle by which they can continue to hone and perfect their craft.  Your money is also an investment in the artisan's personal life, allowing them to make an honest living for themselves and, many times, support a family.

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Why handmade gifts are better?

  1. Details.  Due to the fact that a person not a factory is creating the products either by hand or by traditional methods, there will be variances some intentional, some unintentional between individual items or batches. These details are celebrated reminders of the origins of each piece of art.


  1. Handcrafted items. Unlike mass-produced products, handmade gifts are sustainable. Handmade items are usually made from homes or small craft studios with less effect on the environment. What’s more, they’re made locally helping to eliminate the need for transportation or shipping over long distances.


Why a handmade gift is considered “a gift from the heart”


  1.   Customisation. Some artisans allow for customisation or personalisation of their products.  For example, an artisan jeweller may be willing to use stones from your grandmother's necklace to create a set of earrings for you.  A personalised piece can contain a lifetime of memories. We at Marble Art can create personal memories from cremated ashes for clients outside of France.
  2. Statue made from cremated ashes. Marble Art France


6. Thought. A gift shows the person receiving it that the giver has thought about them and that the giver knows them well enough to find something that suits their personality and their hobbies perfectly. If you buy your friend a commercially produced necklace, the chances are that somebody else will have it too. It might be pretty and it might be even expensive, but it’s not necessarily unique. By buying handmade, you show your friend that you took the time to research what they like and that you’ll treat them to something that nobody else will have. And you know what, the chances are that it probably won’t cost you more than that piece you originally thought of buying!

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Why Handmade is unique?

7.  Uniqueness.  Even when an artisan product is not made specifically "for you", it's still an item that does not have an exact match in the world.  The opportunity to have a handmade item is pretty remarkable.
8.  Quality.  Most artisan products are not cheap to purchase and neither are they cheap to make.  The investment of high-quality materials coupled with good, old-fashioned Time and Attention give the foundation for a product of excellence.
 Detail of coldcast marble statues, handmade gifts. Marble Art
9. Economics.  Buying a handcrafted item supports local economy, especially since most artisans are themselves a small business. When you are able to take that a step further and buy local, it's a winning situation for not only the artisan and the community, but for you as well.
10. Encouragement.  Sometimes it's just good and worthwhile to buy from someone, just for the sake of encouraging them.  Your vote of confidence via your wallet may be just the thing that spurs them on that particular day. Big corporations don’t do a happy dance when they see an email for an order come in but here at Marble Art we always do.
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Why Handmade is expensive?


11. Cost You are paying for skill, man hours, love of the materials and creative passion. You are entering into a unique exchange and your investment is not just in the finished piece that you hold in your hand but in the passion and man hours that go into creating that work
12. People.  An artisan product is an artisan product because of people, plain and simple.  The people who make them and the people who buy them.  Without this mutualistic relationship, true artisans and artisan products would be a thing of the past.


Handmade Gifts, Creations in Cold cast marble by Marble Art


When you buy our handmade gifts you know that we are passionate about their craft so each piece is made with love.  With handmade products, there’s always a lot of love, care & attention to detail to create something unique and to be treasured.


So next time you need a gift, a new item for your home, or simply want to treat yourself, celebrate the handmade gift.

You will be get a better quality and a unique product. You will be supporting a handmade business owner’s life and craft. Plus, you will be keeping otherwise lost skills alive, and making a greener purchase.

www.marbleart.fr for our full range of Handmade gift statues.

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