10 Buddha statues explained. What your Buddha means.

Have you ever wondered what that Buddha statue you own means?  You are not alone.

We create and sell beautiful Buddha statues in reconstituted marble and are here to help you by showing and describing 10 of our most popular statues in this blog.

There is a difference between the classic style Buddha and the Happy Buddha also known as the Fat bellied  or Chinese style Buddha which we explain here on our website;  A Short History of Buddha

So to begin here are some classic Buddhas

  • Classic Style Buddha in Meditation Pose - Medium Size

This is an Indian style classic Buddha seated. His hands are touching in a position of perfect relaxation and meditation. Meaning both equilibrium and attainment. His knotted hair is rounded showing he is an Indian style Buddha unlike the Thai Buddha that have more pointed heads.

He measures 11 cm high and 10 cm across the base. He weighs around 400grams.
A subtle and lovely decorative piece for your home.

  • Shrine Buddha

This Buddha is also an Indian style Buddha as the head is rounded and not rising to a point.

He is shown seated in a shrine.

 He is seated on an open lotus flower and also holds one in his hand - the lotus is the symbol of purity.

He has one hand raised in a gesture of reassurance, literally meaning have no fear.

Around his neck he has prayer beads, the symbol of good fortune. Suspended at the end of the prayer beads is a swastika. This has always been a strong Buddhist symbol; it is the symbol for the wheel of the law and represents unlimited power.


This Buddha weighs 500g approx. 9cm across the base, 5.5cm deep and 14cm high.


  • Medium Thai style Meditation Buddha.


This is a Thai style classic Buddha seated.

His hands are touching in a position of perfect relaxation and meditation.  Meaning both equilibrium and attainment.

Ideal for the calm corner of your house.

His knotted hair ends in a point showing he is a Thai Buddha, different to the Indian style Buddhas that have rounded heads.  Thai Buddhas also have highly decorated robes, and are often depicted in seated or kneeling positions.

He measures 13 cms high and 8 cms across the base and 4.5 cms deep. He weighs around 185grams


  • Young Tibetan style, Praying Buddha.

This is a different type of Buddha as I am sure you can easily see.

Tibetan Buddhas are usually but not always depicted as young men
This Buddha is seated with his hands touching in a prayerful position, touching hands as you may remember from the classic Buddha symbolise both equilibrium and attainment and are often used in meditation.

He has a full set of prayer beads around his neck which represent good fortune. This does not bring wealth but well-being. In general good fortune within Buddhism symbolism means well-being. For if you have that, the rest of what you need will follow.


He measures 8.5 cms high and 10 cms across the base He weighs around 370 grams.


Now we are moving into another style of Buddha.

There is some disagreement with the fat/happy/Chinese Buddha being called a Buddha and although it’s true that historically this type of statue doesn’t correspond to the outward signs of a classic Buddha there is merit in having him in the Buddha family.
For further information on the history of the Fat bellied Happy Buddha you can consult our Short History of Buddha and you will be able to read up on POE-TAI HOSHANG in the 2nd half of the page



  • Laid back Chinese style Buddha of good fortune.

This is a Fat bellied good luck Buddha in the Chinese style.

This lovely and very detailed Buddha is relaxed; he is on his back on a base of Chinese coins and bowls both items symbolize good fortune but in the Buddhist sense.

In Buddhism any reference to money and fortune is always representative of fortune in the sense of well-being. If you have enough for today the rest will follow, is the general philosophy at work here.

He has a set of prayer beads in one hand equally representing good fortune. In the other hand he holds a bowl which represents benevolence.

Size & Weight: He weighs 365 g and measures 9cms across, 8cms deep and 8cms high approx.


  • Medium Travelling Buddha

Chinese style Travelling Buddha with a staff and sac symbolizing his travel through life.

He also carries a water vase which represents the water of life and spiritual well-being.

This Buddha is standing with his feet are apart, this symbolizes good heath; letting bad humours leave the body.

This one weighs 210grams approx. 4cms deep, 5.5cms across and 9cms high.

  • Chinese Style, Happy Travelling Buddha.

Again a travelling Buddha, but this time larger and with more decoration.

He has his feet parted that symbolises that he is letting out the bad humours.

He has two symbols on the back of his robe the top one means good health and the bottom one means well-being.

He has prayer beads that represent, if you have been paying attention to the other Buddhas and their symbols on this page, good fortune in Buddhism. As we have already discussed good fortune does not mean money but well-being.

There is also a small water vase that represents his spiritual richness and the water of life.

He is just under 16cm high and measures 9cm across the base approximately. He weighs 950g

  • Happy Buddha on a Dragon Base

This is a lovely and very detailed Buddha; he is seated on a base of two entwined dragons. Dragons often are depicted holding a jewel, which represents the Buddha's teaching.

The Buddha has a set of prayer beads in his hand, to represent good fortune, which as you now know good fortune does not mean money but well-being.

On his back is the symbol of The Wheel of the Law, sometimes represented by a swastika but on this Buddha shown as the full wheel, it represents unlimited power.

He weighs 620 g and measures 9cm across, 9cm deep and 10.5cm high approx.


  • Fat bellied Lucky Buddha with a Bat

      This is a lovely medium decorative fat bellied lucky Buddha, decorative and calming.

      Chinese style Buddha with a double length set of prayer beads for good fortune, in Buddhism good fortune means well-being never money.

      Also in his right hand is a bat a strong Buddhist symbol of well-being.


      This one weighs 260g. 7cm in width, 6cm deep and 7cm high.

      • Fat bellied, Chinese style Anti-Stress Buddha

      Chinese style Anti-Stress Buddha with both hands in the air, pushing against the ills and stresses of the world meaning against all stress. Not typically Anti stress as we understand it in the western world.

      This Buddha that is standing with his feet are apart, this symbolises good heath; letting all bad humours leave the body.


      This one weighs 160g. 4cm deep and 9cm high.


      I really hope that this small synopsis gives you an idea of the statues that you may already own or those you can purchase directly from us.

      We are also working on a blog that will talk more fully about the history and origins of Buddha and why you need one in your home. So watch this space and we will be back very soon with that.



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