Mould making Services

A Bespoke service making Silicone moulds from your statues and creations.

Workshop . Mould making

This bespoke service gives you a mould to cast statues.

Combining our  knowledge and skills honed over 30+ years in our family run business. We  are able now to offer this bespoke service. The price is dependant on the complexity of the piece and is limited to the size of our ovens and  other equipment.

We can also make you statues in reconstituted marble from the silicone mould we make for you.


Moulds in siliconeSilicone Moulds

Contact us about this service

Please contact us directly to discuss this service, by telephone or by email. The service is entirely bespoke, so we can tailor it exactly to your requirements.

Workshop with silicone Moulds
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