Memories from Cremated Ashes

Memorial figurines from cremated ashes

A Unique and everlasting memorial from cremated ashes

This bespoke service gives you a statue made from Cremated Ashes. 
Only your loved one's ashes and glue are used to make this beautiful piece. Nothing else is added.
 Artisan made by us, as ever using our own unique technique for reconstituting marble.

Using the cremation ashes in a sculpture is a wonderful way to honour your loved one and celebrate their presence in our lives.

Mam goes travelling

In February 2017 we sadly lost Howard’s Mam after a battle with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. During the aftermath of the funeral and celebration of her life, Howard’s oldest sister asked if he would be able to make her an Angel from Mam’s cremated ashes.

I admit to a certain reluctance to the request, finding it a bit odd to want to hang on to such a tangible part of Mam. However Howard said yes, and made her a set of three different size stylized angels from the moulds we had already designed. 

We took the angels with us when we went to stay with her in the June, and I had a complete change of opinion immediately that she opened the parcel. She was so delighted, the look on her face was so happy.
 She explained that she had always felt that; because she had lived abroad for so many years, that she had missed out on spending time going out with Mam to do the normal everyday things that mothers and daughters do; going for a coffee, visiting the shops. Now she could take Mam everywhere. And she does.

Even better, her daughter is cabin crew for a worldwide Airline and flies to many wonderful destinations. She was particularly close to Nana and found her loss hard. She also has a set of angels and Mam now travels constantly all over the world fulfilling a long held but often denied wish to see other places and spend time with her family.

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