Pointy Headed Thai  Buddha.
Pointy Headed Thai  Buddha.
Pointy Headed Thai  Buddha.
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Pointy Headed Thai Buddha.

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This is a Thai style classic Buddha seated, a subtle and lovely decorative piece for your home. As always in our own reconstituted marble

His hands are touching in a position of perfect relaxation and meditation.  Meaning equilibrium and attainment.

His knotted hair ends in a point showing he is a Thai Buddha, different to the Indian style Buddhas that have rounded heads.  Thai Buddhas also have highly decorated robes and are often depicted in seated or kneeling positions. This one has  beautiful engraved lotis  flowers on his robes and is seated on an open lotus throne.

He measures 16 cms high and 8.5 cms across the base and 4.5 cms deep. He weighs around 385grams