Medium Snail in Marble
Medium Snail in Marble
Medium Snail in Marble
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Medium Snail in Marble

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Ideal gift for the Snail collector.

Smooth snail collectable in reconstituted marble.
He measures approximately 7cms in length, 3 cms in depth and 5 cms high  and weighs 100g
Children find the snail cute and entertaining, but adults can  see it as a pest that can wreak havoc in their garden.

However, don’t be so quick to dismiss this little creature because we can learn so much from the wisdom that only the snail  can give.
The snail teaches us the importance of being mobile. Whether you are experiencing good or bad times, keep moving forward.

Symbolically the snail also shows us the importance of being grounded. Be humble in victory and graceful in defeat, and understand that what goes up must come down.

It’s about choosing your battles and protecting yourself by retreating. There’s a time to be bold and brave, and there’s also a time to be calm and tolerant.